Thursday, October 04, 2007

Challenges revisited

I've been taking stock of all my challenges and have realized I never completed the Non-Fiction Five which ran May-September. I read non-fiction, just not all the ones on my list. Oh well - it got me to pick up a few longstanding TBR's which I enjoyed greatly. (both the books and the opportunity to decrease the towering pile just a little bit...)

I'm still going along on a few year long challenges, like the Reading Beyond Borders (though I've been doing pitifully on that one) and the O'Canada Challenge (keep forgetting to add the tag to the Canadian authors I read). There's also the challenge I set myself this International Polar Year, to read books dealing with both Arctic and Antarctic themes. That's been lagging but I'm starting back at some of those books.

And of course, there's the currently running RIP Challenge (having lots of fun with that one) and the Outmoded Authors Challenge (haven't started on any of the books yet but Elizabeth Bowen is waiting patiently...) Plus I'm trying to read through Kristin Lavransdattar with Danielle & Co.

Despite all this, I am still being tempted by new challenges! I'm going to sign up for the Russian Reading challenge very soon; in a year in which I hope to go to Ukraine, reading Ukrainian & Russian authors seems like a perfect fit. And John at the Book Mine Set has announced a Canadian Book Challenge which I must join! I'm sure even more will tempt me before long, either that or I'll have to set my own challenge - the Finish-Reading-the-Stack-Teetering-Beside-the-Bed Challenge! I so enjoy reading along with other bloggers. Keep the challenges coming, even if I rarely keep up with them all...


  1. I just joined the Canadian Book Challenge too. If you had the stack-beside-the-bed challenge I would soooo be there!

  2. Yay for Kristin Lavransdatter! I'm still working on the second novel--I'm somewhere in the middle. I'm a little confused by the politics, but I'm hoping things will get clearer as I go.

  3. I signed up yesterday for the Canadian challenge. It's helping me with that toppling bedside table stack.

  4. Isn't RIP the best?

    If you get a chance, check out my Horror Short Story Short Challenge -- there are some good stories online...

  5. . . . . I'm so so so tempted to join that Canadian Book Challenge but I don't know if I'd get that many read with everything else I'm hoping to read in the next few months. . . but so tempting! It would give me an excuse to buy Will Ferguson's and Ricker Mercer's new books!


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