Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eating & Travelling

When one travels, as I did for the past few days, and one is a vegetarian, one must resign oneself to scavenging whatever one can.
Luckily, I came across a lovely restaurant, Brigadoon, in tiny Oxford Mills. It is situated in an old general store and the coat closet is the old safe. Love the huge, heavy, iron door! I was pleased by the fact they have an entire vegetarian menu -- you just have to ask for it. Most of it was pretty cheese heavy, a vegan might not do so well, but I was amazed that the menu even existed. I ended up having some heavenly asparagus and broccoli crepes with a garden salad. The parmesan sauce was very light, not too rich at all. The service was excellent too. What a nice change from fast food salads, which I'd been subsisting on for a couple of days. It's worth a visit if you're in the Ottawa area and enjoy that kind of British food and ambience. (they serve full afternoon tea as well; I wish I'd been sticking around longer!)
Anyhow, it was a highlight of the trip, along with the fact that we stumbled on 2 used bookshops one morning, though I bought only a few books. I was able to read a couple of them already, so some reviews will follow soon. Glad to be back to my own kitchen and my own teetering bookshelves, though!


  1. I've often thought, when eating out, that it would be incredibly difficult to be a vegetarian (I am not one, but I know folks who are, so it is something I think about at times). It's really nice to see some places offer vegetarian options, either portions of the menu, whole menus, or at least a handful of dishes---it doesn't happen often, but it seems to happen more often than it used to. Sounds like you found a really nice option in that one restaurant!

  2. I share some of your difficulties of being a vegetarian on the move. It's more difficult when I'm in places like Thailand, Turkey or Vietnam where there is a language barrier - especially if you enjoy going off the beaten path, like I do.

  3. Vegetarian traveling can be challenging, vegan travel even more so! Whenever my husband leave town we have a researched list of veg-friendly places where we might get a bite to eat. And we also carry our own snacks with us just in case.


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