Monday, July 16, 2007

Virtual armchair travels!

I just had to point out, in case anyone's missed it, the great project underway by Sonya from People Reading. She is taking her show on the road in her new blog called, what else, Dogeared. She is travelling around the USA on a Greyhound pass for six weeks, taking pictures of people reading and drawing them out about their literary choices with great tact and talent. For those of us holiday-less this summer, this is a great surrogate trip. I'm looking forward to the slice of American life I'm sure she'll present with flair. Good luck, Sonya!


  1. Thanks for the link -- that is very cool!

  2. I will keep an eye on her progress. We're all a little funny about seeing what others are reading, whether next to us in the train or next to someone else on a Greyhound bus....

  3. It sounds so cool and bohemian, taking off for a whole summer on a bus. :) She's already posted a bunch of great entries after only a few days on the road. I think it will be great fun to follow her progress!


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