Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not really Bookish, but still a lot of fun

I've been in a mini reading slump the past couple of weeks. I can't seem to finish much of anything. So instead I'll mention a couple of other cultural-type activities that I've been doing.

I went to a lunchtime concert by the Langley Ukulele Ensemble. They're a high school group out of B.C. and they are so much fun! Unfortunately, we got rained out (the difficulty with outdoor concerts) before the appearance of alumni member James Hill, a ukulele virtuoso. No, that is not an oxymoron, he is amazing. I've heard him on CBC radio, but sadly, not in person. They are an energetic group and how I wish I'd had something like it in high school! As part of Stratford's Summer Music Festival they are performing 4 concerts, so I was able to see the first half one day and the second the next. I never learned to play the ukulele like that in Grade 6.

The other entertainment has been watching some Doctor Who. I can't watch it on tv, since it's on when I work, besides CBC doesn't come in very clearly on my very old tv. Fortunately, the current season's episodes are now available online! We just discovered this, and so we watched the five available in a weekend Doctor Who marathon of sorts. Episode 2, The Shakespeare Code, is of particular interest to Shakespeare and Harry Potter fans. Very amusing indeed.

I hope to soon finish a couple of the many books underway; I'll return to regular programming shortly...


  1. I was at the performance on Thursday that got rained out. I saw the first half of the show and I found myself bemoaning the fact that I gave it up after only a month in Grade 7. It is a much cooler instrument than my teacher ever made it out to be.

  2. I know! They were so entertaining. So you were there? Perhaps we were sheltering under the same tree...

  3. I was there. I made a dash for the band shell - a bit more protected than the trees, but I still got drenched running over to it.

  4. Well, despite the rain and the damp band shell, it sounds like you all still enjoyed the event.

    I've suspected for some time that Canadians are more fun than generally known.

  5. If you really like Ukeleles check out this link

    I love Doctor Who! I'd never even heard of the series before but David Tenant does a great job.

  6. Jill - Ha! We love our ukuleles :)

    Duck Thief - thanks for the link; I laughed and watched a few more!

    I also think David Tennant is great as Dr. Who, even though I had reservations since I loved Christopher Eccleston so much in the first season.

  7. I loved the HP references in the Shakespeare episode — very timely (for us at the mercy of the CBC schedule), as the HP anticipation was just starting to feel palpable.

    I took a long time to warm to Tennant, but watching them side by side (I've just started re-watching season 1) now I can't decide who does a better job.


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