Monday, June 11, 2007

What a Weekend!

This weekend was a wild and woolly book festival in itself. I went to TO for the blogger's meetup arranged by Sassymonkey. What a grand initiative - it was loads of fun. Gelato on a hot day with simpatico company and lots of bookish, writing-related, genealogical and geographical discussion, plus a nip in to Nicholas Hoare's tempting bookshop; even all the dogs outside at Woofstock were not so bad! :) I distance myself from all the photos over at Patricia's blog. Do I really look like that?! For a full report, check out the write-up at BiblioHistoria. She has us covered.
It was a wonderful idea, so thanks again to Sassymonkey for being the Queen of Organizers. It was lovely to meet Karen, Robin, Deanna, Kate and Patricia in person and be entertained and edified!

I agree with Patricia; there is so much to blog about from this weekend at BookExpo. It was a tiring day, in a very good way. The company of all those book fanatics - authors, illustrators, publishers & their people, booksellers, librarians, bloggers! - reinvigorates my love of the bookish life. I've finished one of the ARCs I picked up already, and have a huge stack to draw from next. Lots of reading and reporting to come in the next few weeks... :)


  1. Yo melanie, thanks for the kind comment. I'm not one for having my photo taken either. But are you sure that age is correct? The one you state in your profile. You didn't look a day over 30 to me.


  2. Thanks Historia! You'd have been even more surprised if you'd seen my profile before I realized I'd chosen a year that made me 245 years old. Oops.

  3. You've all written such great posts about Saturday's meet up! I thought about you all on Saturday afternoon and wished I could be there. I'll be around for the next meeting for sure!!

  4. That sounds really wonderful!

  5. thanks for the congrats! It was a pretty cool graduation-I had ten family members in town (coming from FL, NY, TX, and CO-I graduated in IL) and Pres Clinton was our speaker! So, we had lots of people watching us. :)


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