Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Inescapable TBR

This one's for Stefanie, who recently commented:

"I'm counting on not dying until I manage to read all my books. I know I'm living in denial, but I can't face the alternative. "

The bibliomane's health plan? It's called TBR.


  1. Something we can all relate to. I hope there's an afterlife with lots of libraries and books.

    Thank-you for your travel suggestions. We are definitely planning on going to Montreal and Quebec.

  2. Even if I never bought another book again, and if I limited myself to just MY bookshelves, not my husbands or the library, I don't think I could ever read everything before I die. And if I decided to try reading from my husband's shelves I think it would kill me.

    But it won't stop me from putting in my best efforts. =)

  3. LOL! The dreaded TBR. How I wish I could finish mine soon!

  4. This is great - I love the idea that we're still here until we finish the list! Here's hoping!

  5. I had the same thought when I was ill last fall. I thought: "Oh crud, I'm going to die and I haven't read all my stuff yet. That would suck, so I guess I'll go to the doctor."

  6. Where did you get that image? Its great!

    And I have the same plan...are you saying its not going to work?

  7. After going to the Canadian Book Expo, my TBR stack is now so huge I think I'll have to call in sick a few days just to make a dent in it!! At this rate I'll live to be 100 for sure.

    As for this image, it was an unexpected benefit of reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. My husband had an old cloth bound copy, and this image was stamped on the cover. I thought it was great, too.


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