Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Duality of desires

I am swimming in books right now. What with my new purchases and the books I've put aside to read for various challenges, I have enough to keep me busy for months. So, what do I do? Read everyone else's blogs and add even more books to the list! I've come across two casual challenges which are quite intriguing, and who am I to resist a challenge? Although I am focused on the ones I'm currently signed up to, both Kailana's O'Canada Challenge and Kate's Reading across Borders are too tempting to ignore.
They are both year long reading goals, and although they seem to be completely opposite in intent, I think they balance nicely. I read a lot of Canadian authors, but it would be nice to be conscious of it this year, and keep track of the Canadiana I'm reading. I also try to read outside of my national milieu, but I find most of the books I read in translation are from Western Europe -- French, Italian, Portugese, and lately German. These have been good, but for the sake of variety I'm going to try to read from countries outside my usual purview. An inspiring quote comes from Marcel Proust:
The true voyage of discovery would be not to see new things but to see through new eyes.
This is what international literature provides for me, so I will gladly join this challenge, but I will trust to serendipity to bring me the titles over the year. I will commit to reading at least 10 translations from languages I don't usually read, by the end of the year. (Starting with Kristin Lavransdatter which I'm reading for the Chunkster Challenge). I'll keep track of them by posting in the sidebar. So far I have found many more than 10 great suggestions from other participants!


  1. In my lifetime I doubt I'll read all the books I've written down from blogs! I wanted to join the two challenges you mentioned but I thought that it might be too overwhelming for me in addition to the two I am already signed up for. I'll cheer you on though.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will add you to my links so I can see what Canadian books you read this year, as well as other things that you post about!


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