Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In box vs. Out box

There has been a bit of a gap here between my last post and this one. I have two reasons for this -- first, I was moving house, always a daunting task, and one I hope will not be repeated any time soon. The busy-ness of packing up, moving and then unpacking all over again is exhausting physically and mentally; and the computer was rather inaccessible for a few days. Really.
The other reason is simply a function of the regular push and pull I experience between the need for input vs. output. I am usually leaning more toward one or the other at any given time. For the month of September, while I was frantically trying to accomplish my many chores on the to-do list, I was definitely in a state requiring input alone. I read twelve books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles, while tending to my required duties. The input of others' creative voices helped balance my own expenditure of energy.
Now that I am back to a more even keel, I am able to produce a little output as well; hopefully that means I will post more frequently and get back to a writing schedule. I will never be at a point requiring NO input, though -- I can't even imagine such a state!

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