Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Book List : Foodie reads

Here are a few books with food related themes that I've enjoyed:

1.My Year of Meats / Ruth Ozeki
A novel about an American tv producer trying to market meat to the Japanese; goes into meat production, health issues, and political issues. Despite all that, it is a nicely organized and readable book -- quite original, and very entertaining.

2.The Debt to pleasure / John Lanchester
A great read about a gourmet with a penchant for mushrooms...and murder.

3.Kitchen / Banana Yoshimoto
Not strictly about food, but kitchens, Earl Grey and noodles do play their part. Besides, the author's name is Banana!

4.Chocolat / Joanne Harris
Made into a lovely movie; all about the pleasures of chocolate & sensuous living. Mmm.

5.Little Indiscretions / Carmen Posadas
Translated from Spanish, a fun read about a chef/caterer who stumbles upon a deadly house party.

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