Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Year in First Lines

And it is time once again for my favourite annual meme, the Year in First Lines! The "rules" are simple: Take the first line of each month's post over the past year and see what it tells you about your blogging year.

My yearly calendar!

Here are mine:

January: This is a collection of spiritual essays by P.L. Travers, an author I only knew previously as the writer of Mary Poppins. [What the Bee Knows]

February: I'd like to share some exciting news... I am speaking this afternoon (as part of my regular day job) at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference on "Reading for the Health of It". 

March: I've been so busy that time has flown.... It has been two weeks since I've posted anything at all here, sadly enough. 

April:  I'm sorry that I must begin by disagreeing with T.S. Eliot, I don't believe that April is the cruelest least not now that it is also National Poetry Month -- both in the US and in Canada

May:   Do you have a commonplace book? 

June:  I was hugely saddened this morning to hear that Ray Bradbury has died. 

July:  It's a wonderful warm and sunny Canada Day here, and I'm celebrating by relaxing, eating maple ice cream and of course, reading some great Canadiana!

August:  Well, I am actually here and writing!

September:  Here's one book I read while on my holidays: a look at various types of meditation, aimed at demystifying techniques and enabling the reader to find one that matches your own personality and preferences. [Meditation for your Life]

October:  It's been a while since I have sat down long enough to blog about all the reading I'm doing! 

November: Well, it's now November. Already!

December:  Today there was another bit of kerfuffle online about the terrible fact that non-professional bloggers are writing about books.

This year there is more variety in my first lines than ever before... perhaps because for at least 4 of these months I'm apologizing for not blogging more! And posting a few other things than book reviews, apparently. 

There was a lot of busy, fun stuff going on this year, but I didn't read as much as usual, and  I didn't blog as much as usual. I do try to keep from pressuring myself to blog if I don't feel up to it, but next year I would like to get back into the habit of reviewing most of the books I read, as well as spending a little more time reading and commenting on other blogs. We will have to see how 2013 goes!

Oh, please do leave a comment if you have done/will do the First Lines meme yourself -- it's always fun to find other people's collections and see how your year has shaped up!


  1. Melwyk, you have an enticing, wonderful variety of first lines which forms a collage of your year in book blogging. I remember reading some of these posts.

    I look forward to doing this meme all year long; it influences my "first lines" each month. I should have a First Lines post up by the year's end. (I added this meme to my Memes Page a while ago, and even created a graphic to go with it.)

  2. Suko - great! Can't wait to see your post...and the graphic -- you are so talented!

  3. I like your first lines. Positive and cheerful!

  4. Vintage Reading - thanks! it is a fun way to look over the whole year

  5. Better late than never... mine are up! Of course, I skipped blogging at all a couple months this year... but then, first lines are a good way to review some of that, too.

  6. Kiirstin - nice to see your list as well...and it does tell us when we've needed a blog break as well!


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