Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Postal Reading Challenge January-March Link Up

This is the place to link-up any reviews and/or images of your mail art that you've been creating, depending on your level of participation in the Postal Reading Challenge.

Please link up whenever you have any posts to share. This page will serve as the linkup from January to March, at which point the next quarter's linkup page will be posted.


  1. Carmen - love your pics of your letters. I'll be sharing a few more soon, as well! I've never read Fanny Hill...a good one for our library Readalikes list for 50 Shades perhaps!

  2. Finally got my first one read for this challenge.

  3. Melwyk--I would recommend the book for anyone who liked 50 Shades. It's just as sexy, I think, with a bit more substance and better writing. Loved the photos of your letters! And I am loving this challenge! Thanks so much for suggesting it. It's really making me read books that I would never have been exposed to otherwise. And I am really taking off with my letter writing. I have even printed some custom stationary from one of my husbands paintings.

  4. CarmenGirl - glad to hear it! So nice that you are enjoying the challenge, I am as well, and also finding new titles from other readers. I love the idea of printing custom stationery from something so personal. Great idea! I've rescued some cast-off books to make envelope liners etc. with.


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